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italki teacher since Jun 25, 2021
Hi, my name is Ehsan Ahmad and I am from Lahore Pakistan. I am a student of Journalism and Mass Communication at a Universty. I have been teaching for the last four years different subjects like Urdu, Pakistan Studies, History, Islamic Studies and other subjects like mathematics and physics but my actual command is in the subjects like Urdu, History, Islamic Studies because I am very fond of reading Urdu books of literature, Urdu poetry, history, Islamic Studies(i am also Hafiz-e-Quran). I will teach you all the above mentioned subjects with great patience and competency.

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4 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ehsan has been helping me with a poetry project. I am really enjoying working with him. He is very good at explaining aspects of the Urdu language, and has a wide knowledge of Urdu poetry. I would definitely recommend him as a teacher.
Nov 2, 2021
Clay Farah
19 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ehsan is wonderful. He's very nice and teaches very well. He teaches colloquial (i.e. actually spoken) Urdu which is exactly what I was looking for. He also makes sure to explain the literal meaning of phrases as compared to what they actually mean when they are used which is often very hard to learn if you're not living in the country where the language you're trying to learn is spoken. I look forward to our next lesson :)
Aug 18, 2021
George Matsianikas
11 Urdu lessons
Teacher’s pick
Ehsan is a very reliable, kind, patient, flexible, pleasant to work with, and most importantly knowledgeable tutor. His classes are very interesting and engaging. He has helped me a great lot with my pronunciation. I love his method of tackling grammar which uses a mix of a wide array of example sentences, within the bounds of the vocabulary mastered, and to-the-point grammar explanations, avoiding long and boring grammar rules. My goal is to first learn how to speak Urdu and attain a certain degree of fluency before moving to the written language (newspapers, etc.). He readily adapted to my goal, and I have no doubt that he'll take me all the way to fluency. I wholeheartedly recommend Ehsan to anyone who's serious about learning Urdu!
Jul 12, 2021
Najm Khalid
19 Urdu lessons
I had mentioned to Bhai Ehsan that I really wanted to focus on reading and he has obliged. The text he is using has the right amount of challenge for me and Bhai Ehsan is patient when I make pronunciation errors. The text is also rich in new vocabulary. Bhai Ehsan allows me time to read the text at my own pace, so that the information opens up to me and provides the necessary guidance and reminders when appropriate.
Feb 5, 2023
Katie Donovan
1 Urdu lesson
he started at too basic of a level, explaining grammatical concepts that I already was familiar with. However, when he spoke he spoke far too quickly and did not introduce me to new vocabulary words.
Jan 17, 2023
Najm Khalid
19 Urdu lessons
A really outstanding first lesson. The hour flew by. Ehsan was very easy to communicate with. He really did tailor the lesson to my interests and Urdu goals. We did conversation and reading and grammar. Ehsan has a great sense of humour and is also fluent in Punjabi, which is great for me, as I was able to query the difference between the two languages. I was very happy with the grammar Ehsan went through as that was the exact topic that has been troubling me for years. What Ehsan said was his methodology on his introductory clip is accurate. I am delighted with my first lesson and already feel confident and happy that I can become fluent in Urdu under Ehsan's tutelage. I will be booking more lessons, inshaaAllah.
Dec 11, 2022
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