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italki teacher since Apr 23, 2020
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*I have reduced my available time because of the overlaps with my university research. Feel free to write to me for last-minute lesson requests, instant lessons, or off-the-calendar hours! Hi! My name is Armin. I am a native English/Farsi speaker but that’s not all! I’m a polyglot. I have a BA in American literature, with a minor in Language Teaching, and a Master's degree in US History where I specialized in the history of citizenship in the United States. I am now working on my PhD in English Literature at the University of Florida.

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Persian (Farsi)
Brendon Gawel
284 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Oh my goodness Armin is the best! I've been having classes with him for a while now, and it's just been great. I can tell that he's adjusted his methods to fit what works best for me, and I can really see the results. I recently had the chance to put it all to the test by going to Italy and needing to communicate with native Italian colleagues... and I could do it for the first time! I didn't need everything translated for me, and I could express myself in complex ways. Surely it wasn't perfect, but it was a huge leap from the last time I was there. I've tried other apps and programs and nothing has worked as well as having consistent lessons with Armin. He's also just a kind and joyful and interesting human being.
Oct 3, 2022
(Cory) Huang Xiadong
42 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
We discussed topic on aging and mortality. Armin is knowledgeable and recommended a Frankfurt School sociologist's book to me. Thanks for the recommendation.🌿📚
May 1, 2021
Martin C.
115 Persian (Farsi) lessons
Teacher’s pick
As Armin's student, I am so grateful. Not only do I get a high quality and enjoyable lesson every week, but Armin really charges a VERY, VERY reasonable rate for the extreme high quality of his lessons. If any new students are reading this to decide whether to take his class or not, know that you will be getting the world-class quality language education at the most affordable rate you will find anywhere. I have had other Persian teachers on Italki but none compare to Armin in their ability to engage, explain, and to generate enthusiasm. TAKE HIS CLASSES! I've taken many classes with him and I've never been disappointed ! Using a new expression we learned today: ارمين لقايت حقوق بالا داره! خيلى ممنون وهفته ى بعد مى بينمت
Mar 20, 2021
(Cory) Huang Xiadong
42 English lessons
A nice chat after our last session 6 months ago last year. It has been 4 years since I started taking Armin's lesson. Conversational sessions and other classes with Armin make me confident in speaking English so now I am able to be in a university that uses English as the major instrumental language.
Feb 23, 2024
Helen Yao
2 English lessons
Armin gave me more guidance in this lesson and it’s very helpful.
Jan 29, 2024
Helen Yao
2 English lessons
Armin is careful for my interview,and also recommend me a book about marxism aesthetic which I am interested in it.
Jan 28, 2024
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