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Hi everyone! I am Roberta, I am 20 years old and I am from the north of Italy. My biggest passions are traveling, discovering the world and new cultures, meeting new people and learning new languages. As a matter of fact, I also know Russian (becuase my mother is from Ukraine and she taught it to me), English (C1), German (B1) and Spanish (B1). Moreover, I've had experience in teaching Italian to friends from all around the world and also on the site Preply (to students from the USA, Spain, Japan, Wales and Denmark).

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6 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Roberta’s patience and encouragement are incredible. As I struggle to find the right verb tense or sentence structure, she doesn’t let me give up. She doesn’t feed me the words. She says, “Try.” Then, if I still struggle, she guides me to discovery, still without feeding me the words. I love this support & the confidence she gives & helps me build.
May 5, 2022
Ixchel 懿仙 🥇
21 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Sto imparando con Roberta da 5 mesi e le mie capacità di parlare e ascoltare sono migliorate molto! 💕 Attualmente posso parlare di argomenti complessi ed essere versatile nella lingua italiana.🌸 Roberta mostra un puro interesse per gli argomenti di cui parliamo e amo il fatto che sia molto professionale e che spieghi sempre aspetti della cultura italiana. Sono una sua fan!✨🦋 Grazie mille, cara Roberta! 🤗
May 4, 2022
27 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Roberta è un'ottima insegnante! Ti incorragia a parlare italiano e anche quando ti mancano le parole è molto paziente e aiuta :) Ho fatto grandi progressi con lei!
Mar 4, 2022
Jonathan Watkins
5 Italian lessons
Questa era un lezione molto utile con Roberta. Abbiamo parlato di argomenti diversi per trenti minuti e ho imparanto molte parole e frasi utili durante questo tempo.
Mar 19, 2023
11 Italian lessons
Roberta ist sehr sympathisch und freundlich und verbessert meine Fehler auf eine sehr angenehme Art. Ich lerne viel. Danke!
Mar 12, 2023
Julia Rosa
3 Italian lessons
Just had my first lesson with Roberta! It was super fun! She is a very friendly, smiling and polite teacher. Always providing some quick, useful grammar tips inbetween our conversation which is very helpful. Looking forward to more classes and to hear more about Italy as well.
Mar 7, 2023
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