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🎯I help you remember and practice the way we learned our native language!
From ColombiaLiving in Medellin, Colombia (13:15 UTC-05:00)
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italki teacher since Dec 24, 2021
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I enjoy haute cuisine, the beauty of things and displaying my creativity. I am inspired to empower my mind and body and connect with others in a real way. I train myself to make good use of my energy. Calm, silence, nature and sports are part of my sources of energy. Throughout my life I have worked in various roles. Some of them: sports nutritionist, yoga instructor and developer of written content for websites and social networks. In recent years I have dedicated myself to helping foreigners grow as speakers of my native language.

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38 Reviews

Student Isabel Hanewicz
Isabel Hanewicz
26 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kelly is an amazing teacher who has improved my speaking and confidence 10x in the two months of lessons we’ve had. After not practicing Spanish for two years due to lack of motivation, her lessons have been gotten me back to my previous level. Every lesson is conversation-focused and tailored to you and your interests, so it felt more like a chat with a friend than Spanish class. She’s always available via chat if you have questions and genuinely cares about her students. She’s also just an awesome human to be around. 1000% recommend if you’re looking to a fun and effective way to improve! Gracias por todo, Kelly!
Mar 19, 2023
Student Nick
45 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Kelly is an amazing teacher. I’m very shy in general and especially in a second language but feel comfortable with Kelly. She is very helpful and knowledgeable and very fairly priced. Highly recommend!!!
Mar 12, 2023
Student William H
William H
156 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have completed more than 20 hour-long lessons with Kelly, all purchased through her reduced price package offer, and I have grown so much as a Spanish speaker thanks to her. She is an extraordinarily attentive and effective language coach who packs each session with practice designed for my specific needs. She always ensures I do most of the talking, thus maximizing the opportunity for me to improve. She is kind with her corrections and patient when I commit repeat errors, offering strategies to help me avoid them in the future. She also provides honest feedback on my progress and sincere encouragement when I improve. I feel empowered and happy with my progress at the end of each session. One more thing about Kelly...she is a highly intelligent, reflective person who will engage you in deep and interesting conversations of your choosing, the kinds of conversations every language learner hopes to be able to have in their new language. Enjoy your language learning adventure!
Feb 7, 2023
Student Josef Dax
Josef Dax
1 Spanish lesson
Estoy muy contento con mi primera clase con Kelly. Sabe hacer preguntas precisas que te obligan a pensar y también suponen un reto. Como es una persona muy creativa siempre consigue que la charla fluye. Además, es paciente y te deja hablar. Ha sido un placer Hablar con ella.
Dec 15, 2023
Student Marc E
Marc E
6 Spanish lessons
Con solo una visita, pude comprobar que Kelly es una profesora experta que posee no sólo inteligencia, sino también paciencia. Y si todo eso no fuera suficiente, también posee la marca de la gente más interesante: una curiosidad profunda e inagotable. Espero con ansias la próxima charla.
Nov 28, 2023
Student Eugene
34 Spanish lessons
Kelly has transformed my confidence in speaking Spanish! Always welcoming, she gives me feedback and correction, yet creates space for me to explore ideas and practice clarifying my speech. I look forward to my classes as opportunities to build my skills while sharing time with a caring and thought provoking friend.
Oct 6, 2023
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