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italki teacher since Mar 29, 2013
During my time teaching Russian, I`ve not only helped many students achieve their goals, but also managed to create an atmosphere that has helped them stay motivated and enjoy communicating in Russian with any Russian speaker worldwide. I`ve travelled extensively to different European countries and am fond of photography. I like to travel unbeaten routes and communicate with the local population. Based on my experience, I`ve come to the conclusion that most people are friendly and open to understanding each other. The only obstacle to getting closer to each other is language. Let's break down this barrier and learn how to talk to people whose language is the fifth most common in the world.

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Jan Brigden
4 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Oleg is very prepared for each lesson and comes up with topical and interesting topics to discuss. He is also very patient and is excellent at explaining Russian words in Russian, so we never break the flow by switching to English. We also revisit words from previous lessons ensuring that I have learned the words. All in all I find Oleg's lessons very useful for learning new vocabulary and improving my conversational skills. Would recommend to anyone B1 or over wanting to hone their Russian skills.
Aug 10, 2019
Mary Clare
140 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Oleg is an awesome Russian teacher! He actually listens to you and wants to know what your language learning goals are, and we do the lessons with those goals in sight. His lessons are always productive and fun, and he doesn’t over-correct, but instead he motivates and encourages students, and stays positive ☀️ Very effective lessons!
May 13, 2018
John Йон 张瀚 جون
1 Russian lesson
Teacher’s pick
I asked Oleg for a natural conversation with quite a few corrects and he delievered right on. While at the same time being very fluid and adapted his language and responses in order to guide me in the right direction. Спасибо Вам!
Jun 4, 2015
2 Russian lessons
ОТЛИЧНЫЙ УРОК! Our conversation ended up being so compelling that I didn't want the class to end. The hour flew by. Oleg was very attentive to various mistakes in grammar or word choice that I made as we spoke and was able to correct them without interrupting the conversation so that I was able to finish my thoughts in Russian while adding new vocabulary along the way. The class was motivational, helpful, and above all, very fun!
Dec 22, 2022
Manon Cavagna
91 Russian lessons
Спасибо большое! Это всегда большое удовольствие.
Oct 18, 2022
Manon Cavagna
91 Russian lessons
Как всегда - спасибо большое. Вы - замечательный учитель и собеседник.
Jun 20, 2022
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