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Improve your French language skills with personalized online classes

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Our team of experienced French teachers provides one-on-one online classes and courses designed to help you learn the language in a fun and interactive way.


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Conversational French to speak like a native french tutor Why studying French with me?⁣ ⁣ ➤ I know from my own experience than the best way to learn a language is to immerse yourself in the culture and to speak as mush as possible (even thought at the beginning it is scary and you don’t know a lot of words). ⁣It is how I learned English, Spanish and how I am learning Bahasa Indonesia.⁣ ⁣ ➤ I struggle learning English, so I develop techniques to make it fun and effectif. So it is how I build my French classes. ⁣ ➤ I see my classes as a safe space to make mistakes, improve and learn at your our own pace. ⁣ Even if my calendar don't match your preferences, please feel free to contact me to see if we can find a solution.

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Frequently asked questions about online French classes

A French tutor can help you improve your language skills in several ways. They can provide personalized lessons tailored to your learning style and language goals. They can also offer feedback on your pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary, helping you to develop better language habits. Additionally, a French tutor can introduce you to the nuances of French culture and help you to understand the context behind certain words and phrases. They can also recommend resources, such as books and podcasts, to help you practice and improve your French outside of class. Overall, a French language teacher can be a valuable resource in your language learning journey and can help you to achieve your language goals more efficiently and effectively.

At italki, we have a team of professional French teachers who are native speakers of the language and have years of experience teaching French to students from around the world. Our teachers have undergone a rigorous selection process and have the necessary qualifications and experience to provide high-quality language instruction. They have obtained relevant language teaching certifications and have extensive experience teaching students of different ages, levels, and backgrounds. Some of our teachers also have additional qualifications in specialized areas such as business French, exam preparation, and cultural studies. We take pride in our team of dedicated and passionate French teachers who are committed to helping their students improve their language skills in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

Yes, on italki you can schedule French classes at your own convenience. Our French tutors offer flexible schedules to accommodate different time zones and availability. When you search for French teachers, you can filter the results by availability to find a tutor that matches your schedule. Alternatively, you can also send a message to a tutor to inquire about their availability and schedule a class that works for both of you. With italki, you have the flexibility to take French classes whenever and wherever you want, making it easy to fit language learning into your busy life.

On italki, there are various payment methods available for online French classes and courses. You can use credit/debit cards, PayPal, and other local payment methods based on your location. The payment is made securely through the italki platform, and you will be charged in your local currency. When you book a class, you will be prompted to select a payment method, and once you confirm the payment, the class is automatically scheduled. italki offers a variety of packages for different budgets and learning needs, allowing you to pay for classes individually or purchase a package of classes at a discounted rate. All payment transactions are protected by italki’s secure payment system, ensuring that your financial information is always kept safe.

The need for textbooks and materials may vary depending on the tutor and their teaching style. Some French tutors may require specific textbooks or materials to follow a structured curriculum, while others may provide customized lessons and materials based on the student’s needs and interests. Students should communicate their preferences and goals to their tutor beforehand, so the tutor can tailor their lessons accordingly. Additionally, many French tutors provide supplemental materials such as articles, videos, and exercises to enhance the learning experience. In some cases, these materials may be included in the cost of the lesson, while in others, students may need to purchase them separately.

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