The most precious gifts. Hello, #Moreфон2020 !!! Have all of you prepared Christmas presents for your beloved? I'm still in search)) And while I think over this very important topic, I wish to tell you about the most memorable and important gifts in my life. This memory makes me feel nostalgia))) When I was a kid, my parents bought me a casette player☺ Cool one, it was small and light, had earphones and radio, and even could record a voice😂😂😂 I bet, not every of you knows what to do when a player chew a tape))) There were only a few songs on a cassette, and they were played again and again, and remembered by heart))) Should I mention my musical taste at that time? 🤣🤣🤣 Well, it have been changed a bit))) Another gift means a lot for me. Once I needed to explain some work moments to a foreigner. Actually, I was kind of interpreter between the staff and a guest. Not so easy work, I should tell you. And it happened that the real language assistant heard the dialogue - and didn't help me😂 Instead, he praised me and present me an English book with a warm wish to keep going in my studying. This unexpected gesture convinced me that I'm on a right way, that I spend so many time over textbooks not in vain and any knowledge can be useful. You know? It's so pleasurable when someone calls me "an interpreter" ☺ And the last but not the least - a man's T-shirt)) Well, all girls know why they so like their men's clothes, don't they?))) But it was especial because it was a farewell... Now it's my favorite pajama, and really precious memory. What I want to say you? That it's doesn't matter how much the gift costs. It's important how much it value. Any given day is a priceless gift, so let's enjoy it!
Dec 3, 2020 4:51 PM
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I know the feeling when the tape was chewed 😆and I know the feeling when someone gives you farewell T-Shirt, I had the same situation and I had been using it like pajama ...
December 4, 2020
Your writing is great! Keep it up! 😀
December 3, 2020