Day 12/30 Flowers I'm not sure that I can say about it something interesting...But I can tell samething else. Everyone knows that stereotype what roads in Russia is not so good. It's true. But now not about it. I know everyone see road deviding lines made by iron fences or concrete or even like wide zone of ground. In some places road deviding lines even made as flowerbed. But all of it seems poorly. When I was in Cyprus, I really have understood how it miserably did. In Cyprus, when you moving between citys deviding lines made as giant flowerbed with huge pink/white/purple flowers (I don't know how they called) with big leafs and it's make an impression. And most inportant thing that it's not only devide traffic, but it make you stop thinking about the counter traffic, your eyes becoming less stressfull and you becoming more relaxed. It's wonderfull. Unfortunately, I can't attach a picture =(
Dec 12, 2020 6:36 PM