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Boby Paris
Is here a native speaker English can give us all the using of "" crush.. Crushing.. Crashed.. "" I am really don't understod this verb (word)
Jan 23, 2021 7:46 PM
Answers · 14
If you crush something, you press on it hard such that it becomes smaller and damaged, or flattened and damaged. E.g. you can crush garlic by pressing it with a knife. E.g. in a scrapyard, old cars get crushed. To crush something = écraser quelque chose ? “Crushing” is the present participle of the verb “crush”. So if I say “I am crushing some cashew nuts”, it means that I am doing it right now. Or if I say “The old cars are made smaller by crushing them”, it means that “crushing” is the method used to make them smaller. There is also the noun “crush”. If you have a crush on someone, it means you fancy them. “To crash” is a different verb to “to crush”. If a bird crashes into a window, it means that it hit the window and was hurt/damaged. Or a car could crash into a wall. Or I could crash into a wall (I would probably be in a car or on a bike). To crash = s’écraser ? As a noun, a “crash” could be the event of a something crashing, or a very loud noise made when something falls or breaks, or a sudden fall in value (e.g. stock market crash). If a computer crashes, it means it has stopped working (se planter ?). I think those are the main uses of these words.
January 23, 2021
Wesh mec! Comme on a dit, le contexte, c’est hyper important, mais en général, crush (le verbe) veut dire écraser ou éclater. L’emploi argotique au sens de réussir est aussi super fréquent chez les Kainris (moi, je l’utilise tout le temps mdr). P. ex. : dude, you crushed it! Et oui, si c’est un nom, un « crush », c’est un coup de cœur. En général, c’est une personne que tu kiffes, pas un objet.
January 24, 2021
Boby. The word "Crush" can be literal, .meaning to make something small by force. It can have a symbolic meaning , as in you are in love with a person, wanting to be boyfriend/girlfriend There's another expression "crushing it". This means you are doing super! It depends on how its used
January 23, 2021
We can speak to make it clear because i am not sure what ypu mean by crush
January 23, 2021
Boby Paris
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