Hello if I have mistakes help me please! Be in quarantine is so boring, idk what to do. I'm not working and studying, be in my house always is driving me crazy. At the same time I think that I'm losing important time of my life maybe I should be doing somet else or more important with my time but idk what...🥴 It's frustrating this whole situation and something that doesn't help neither is live in venezuela with a socialist government and a economical crisis :/ one of my dreams is traveling around the world specially europe i hope everything change to can make my dreams come true 👌🏻
Dec 7, 2020 7:19 PM
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If I make mistakes* Being in quarantine* Being in my house is always driving me crazy* Is living in Venezuela* I hope everything changes*
December 15, 2020
Hi, No one is like this situation but what can we do ? You need to find away to learn from Internet till half of the year ..
December 9, 2020
Hello. I would be glad to practice english with you
December 8, 2020