Day 11/30 TV series It's a very interesting topic, especially nowadays, when we have to stay home more time 😬🥴 I really like watch series and movies.. I'm not sure but probably I prefer movies, because sometimes series would be so long... I remember ,when I was a child it was some popular series on TV "Clone"... Oh it was incredible time 🤭 I lose my school lessons to see last series😂 A few months ago I saw some interesting series " The umbrella academy" I tried to watch this in English... It's a specific series, I don't like all in this.. Then I watch "extra" This is 30 series for people who study English. It's British series. About 4 friends. I tried to see "Friends" but for me it was difficult, because I've never heard something before 🤨 (I mean some English video or something else,it was my first experience), nevertheless I can understand what means whole episode but I think it was not so useful, for my opinion it should be more suitable for your level and understanding.. well, maybe you can get some advice or recommendation good series or movies, it'll be nice 🙂
Dec 11, 2020 3:44 PM
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Try to watch some cartoons. For instance, "Peppa Pig"
December 11, 2020
Is there any possibility of creating an environment between us, where we are applicable for precticing and speaking English with each other without any hesitation? If there is a chance, so please must contact me. I will be thankful for you ❤️❣️❣️
December 12, 2020
Hello! I'd like to talk with you 😊 write me please
December 11, 2020