Day 10 A bit later as I want VACATION- trips All my trips are special crazy&cozy. I like to go somewhere, planning a trip, spontaneously or in details. I like the feeling after the trip, a refreshed head, a charge of power and emotions. Some points: Once I was alone in America Once my suitcase was stolen, all stuff Once I’ve been living in another country for 3 months Once I happened to celebrate my birthday in the airport Once I went to a country where there were prostitutes per square meter (Thailand), I was really shocked, on the same trip, I rode an elephant and ate almost nothing,as all the food was spicy>> I don’t eat it. Once I walked on mountains, a suspension bridge, and drove a car I once lived in a luxurious hotel on Miami's first coastline I once drank so much tequila on a trip that I never drank it again Once I learned how to snowboard during vacation My adorable „once“ - I can continue all the night typing about, but let’s stop here.
Dec 10, 2020 9:28 PM