29th of November (I forgotten writing this post and write it on 30th) Privet Today my sister is crashed (nearly) the snowman ⛄. She's tear off his hands and nose. I maked a gingerbread man and squires. My favourite object is math, favourite games is Oxygen not Included and Rimworld. Ok, good night!
Nov 29, 2020 7:16 PM
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Hello, Temirlan! You are doing well! I would like to suggest some corrections. I hope this will help you progress even better. I am also just studying English. So I can be wrong too. But I use this chance to talk to someone in English. :) First of all start with English greeting - Hello :) Second is that When you speak about what you and your sister have been doing during the day it is better to use Past Simple. Today my sister almost crashed the snowman. She tore off his hands and nose. I made a gingerbread... My favorite subject is math. My favorite games are Oxygen... Good night
November 29, 2020