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What helps you relieve stress? 😌 #moreфон2020 🌊 Each of us has their own approach to dealing with stress. I believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution. I made a list of my favourite stress relief tools and activities: 🖤 Listening to or playing music 🎵 I like listening to classical music when I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed. Sometimes I pick up a song that speaks to me at the moment. 🖤 Meditation and mindfulness ☀️🌱 The purpose of meditation is to train our attention. Some people think meditation is hard because they believe that the goal of meditation is to stop having any thoughts, to clear your mind. Not at all. It’s about regulating your attention, which will get easier with practice. 🖤 Learning a new language ☺️ Seriously, it’s a big stress reliever for me. It helps me refocus my brain 🧠 🖤 Exercise. When you exercise, your body produces hormones and neurotransmitters that elevate your mood 🤸🏻‍♀️ What is your favourite stress reliever? P.S. I remember the day I took this pic very vividly. I was having a lot of anxiety about being in a new city. I was sitting at the hotel bar and sipping chamomile tea ☕️
Dec 11, 2020 2:36 PM