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(Part I) Hey you! English Native Speaker who wants to learn Spanish: You should’ve wondered whether there is or not a special method to learn Spanish (or any language). Well, the short answer is “no”. Let’s try to understand this easily, I will use a daily life example: If you enter any shop to buy a pair of shoes or clothes, you’ll find that there will be different shoe sizes as well as different cloth sizes because everyone is different. The long answer continues to be “no”. Even though we all have developed listening, writing speaking, and reading skills in our own language, these skills are not at the same level in every person. One or more of these skills you have already developed in your own language may help you to acquire a second or a third language. What do I mean? Learning consists of some degree in memorizing, so, for example, your hearing/listening skill (not only your skill to listen in English but your skill to listen to any other sound) could become your main entrance for the information of the new language you are trying to learn, or, perhaps you could memorize better if you copy a paragraph or you may acquire new vocabulary if you just try to speak or just by reading. So, in order to learn a new language, you need to have self-awareness. One of the skills you have already developed and use on a daily basis will help you to memorize the information -vocabulary- that you need. This self-awareness will also tell you which of these skills you need to develop with more emphasis in your target language. But, learning a new language isn’t just the act of memorizing a bunch of words and sounds, what about grammar? Grammar is usually difficult and boring, so, I think that the best way to learn grammar while making it fun and interesting is by comparing the grammar of your own language with the grammar of your target language.
May 29, 2021 11:12 AM
Miguel Méndez
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