Le Phuong
My name's Phuong. I don't live with my parents because I am fourty years old, I am married Today, I am writing about my father. He is called Nghia, he is seventy- three years old. Last three years, he hadn't healthy, he had a stroke. Half part his body don't move. When he was young, he hadn't lucky because his parents died early, he is hard work. My father isn't very tall, he has black hair and brown eyes, his skin is yellow because we live Asia. He was a teacher, he teached physics at Thanh Xuan secondary school 🏫. He had a lot of students, his students are old now. He likes to play the wood because he was a carpenter. He makes many things by wood as chair, table, eagle 🦅. He has gold both hands He is a good father. I love and proud about my father
Dec 7, 2020 7:33 AM