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xunaxi r
Hi! My name’s Xunaxi. I'm 22 years old. I study industrial chemical engineering and I would like to practice my English. I can help you with your Spanish ;)
2020年11月22日 02:04
Answers · 24
I can help you for sure! Just send me a message and we can organise a time to chat 😊
8 天前
Wow, I try to learn Spanish.
8 天前
I am a Chinese, learning English now, do you think we can chat?My ins name is shenghongwang95
8 天前
Hey Xunaxi. I can help. I'm a native English speaker and learning Spanish
8 天前
Hi, I’m university student from Peru and I would like to share my knowledge about English. I have a lot of patience.
7 天前
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xunaxi r
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