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Congratulations to Nathali Murillo for winning last week's Picture Story and $5 italki Credits! The next Picture Story starts now! Tell us a story based on this comic and have the chance to win $5 italki Credits. Answer below in English. Make sure to follow us as we'll be posting new comics from 19 Apr to 25 Apr. The more comics you reply to, the more chances you have to win! We'll announce the winner on 26 Apr (Monday). image @Peter de Sève
Apr 19, 2021 8:23 AM
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THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART! :) I am so excited for this award. It means a lot of me because I love writing. I'm really glad you enjoyed this storyboard just as I enjoyed writing it. Thanks for this opportunity. A deep thanks to the illustrators, image@Tu and Ted from Italki. Without them this would not have been possible. Thanks for inspires us to write.
Apr 19, 2021 4:02 PM
The lobsters fight After years of a "terrible" pandemic, Maria from Portugal, Paco from Spain and Jean-Claude from France decided to meet in a seafood restaurant in the south of France. The three took advantage of the starters to drink a glass of red wine from Porto or if you want to imagine a good French wine. What people can't imagine is that the animals trapped in the kitchen long ago living in peace because of the lockdown have decided to resist. They refused to die in a boiling pot and end up on the plate of the three friends. They took advantage of the carelessness of the cook who went to talk to the owner of the restaurant and escaped through the open window. One by one until there's none left. Walking happy along the sand until they reach the sea. The three friends ended the night without seafood, but with good wine and lots of fun and music. The end!
Apr 19, 2021 1:13 PM
This house is full of dranked people. they all just care about drinking and having fun. The important thing in here is that they forgot to close the window and let those lobster get escape from being EATEN. In this picture i can see a big pot just for boil those lobsters. People who are drinking, they are waiting to let the water boil in the pot before they cook those lobsters. These smart lobster found a tablecloth and one of them saw an open window so that lobster had a great idea to escape. He throw that tablecloth quietly throught the window and they get out from that house by climbing throught that tablecloth. So we can say that these 3 lobster are the smartest and tge luckiest lobsters in the world. PLEASE READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M ONLY 14 YEARS OLD I WOULD BE VERY GLAD IF ANYONWE WHO READ IT WILL GIVE ME a LIKE
Apr 21, 2021 5:59 PM
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