Heba Magdy
Today i didn't get up early like every day because i didn't sleep good yesterday because i had insomnia , after i got up i prepared my breakfast for me and my brother and i studied some english lessons , Today I cooked chicken Shawarma with rice , it was delicious and my family liked , then i watched one of my favorite arabic serious and i made chocolate crepe to ate when i watched t.v , in the night i took shower and now I am trying to sleep
Oct 23, 2020 10:35 PM
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Today I didn't get up early like every day because I didn't sleep well yesterday due to insomnia. After I got up, I prepared my and my brother’s breakfast and then studied some english lessons. Today I cooked chicken shawarma with rice. It was delicious, and my family liked. Then I watched one of my favorite Arab series and made chocolate crepes to eat while I watched TV. At the night, I took a shower and now am trying to sleep.
Remember to capitalize “I.” Commas cannot connect to independent clauses without a conjunction. Use periods instead. Just a suggestion, turn off your phone. That should help you sleep. 😉
October 23, 2020
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