Rashmi Senarathne
..The Goldern Touch.. Once a upon a time there was a king 🤴called Midas.He was very greedy king.All that he loved was only money and gold. He had a beutiful daugter named Shafiya👸. He loved her very much❤.He worked hard day and night to earn money.💰💰💰 One day in he was sleep a god appeared💭 to his dream & asked him for three wishes💫💫💫.The king was so happy 😀😀for that.He told to the god that he wanted a lot of gold for all the tree wishes.Thee god said ,"Your wish will be granted,but anything you will touch it will turn into gold". The next day king got up & touched everything in the palace & they turned into gold👀.On that morning his 🧚‍♀️lovely daugter Shafiya came runnig & saying"Good Morning Papa😇"at once king hugged her & immediately princess turned into a gold statue. The king Midas was very sad!!!.😭😭
Oct 24, 2020 2:47 PM
Rashmi Senarathne
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