#moreфон2020 More volnuyetsya #3🌊 Skype call in progress…The excitement is so intense that the voltage may drop... . Yesterday I told you that I was on a student internship in Denmark half of the previous year and a half of a current. But this opportunity would have remained only in my dreams, if not for the knowledge of English. And to make this dream true, I just dove right in practising English. This is how I discovered Italki, and later on there - Iain. . Iain, a Scottish highlander, a person who “blare music in his room and dance like a weirdo (Napoleon Dynamite fans unite🕺) and I have a strange secret desire to be in a dance-off someday”, who is also partial to football, - it was a match! . Beginning with a very first call I felt like I had a conversation with a childhood friend. The time always just flew by. We could start with the fact that I changed my background scenery, then one thing led to another and it all came tumbling out: sunset, Mars, Peter’s Crouch podcast...🤭 . But having lived all his life on the island, his soul rushed to the sea, work on a fishing boat. In August ‘19 we had the last call. I felt we would never ever talk again. . But from the previous post, you know how wishes written on a paper could change the world🙃 And on April 1 I got this: “Hey, Toha! How are you, sir?! Are you still in Denmark? Not an April Fool's this time :) Anyway, I hope you and your family are well with the coronavirus going round. And Borshegulka (this is how he called the football team ‘Borschagovka’ I played for,  not an easy word😂) is loaning you for a decent amount of money :) Stay safe, and May the Ninja Force be with you. I can't wait to hear your news, sir! Iain” . Skype call in progress…The excitement is so intense that the voltage may drop... .
Dec 3, 2020 9:59 PM