Reading’s essay What is the general idea of reading for me and my environment? My parents or my friends don’t read a lot. I think. Of course, I compare with myself at first and I don’t want to seem boastful or vain? I try to say about that more honestly. My parents read a lot some years ago, maybe when they had more free time. For example, at the period of studying at the university my mother enjoyed reading Tolkien’s and Dostoevsky’s books. A few years ago she was passionate about Boris Akunin. But at this time she is very busy with your paper work at school. As for me, I try to find more free time for valuable books and adorable writers. I also like reading verses and rhymes aloud. I adore not only Russian poets and writers too. I respect English poets like Kipling and Kristina Rossetti. As for English writers, Elizabeth Gaskell sisters Bronte, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens are adorable and unique. As regards others, I want to repair an omission with Golsuorsi Forsayte’s volumes) When I read literature, I try to compare ideas, reasons and heroes with Russian one. English literature is not unlike Russian literature in some way. Any classic reading is immortal for me, because it is decidedly unique. This has to do with both (I mean English and Russian) awesome parts of my priceless treasure in the form of adorable writers. p.s. every year I reread my favorite volumes. Yep, I am a bookworm and want to live in the world of adorable protagonists;)
Dec 5, 2020 7:18 PM