I hope you’re all hale and hearty, and having a fantastic weekend. The last three days were my much-awaited holidays to come around in about 3-4 months' time, which gifted me some quality time. I have the feeling that I've lived it up the way it should be. Despite the whole Rona thing and its restrictions, the country still put some spots and destinations at the disposal of those who seek entertainment. I, therefore along with my tiny family headed to some mountains that were combined with a beautiful beach around 200km away from where we live. I can literally feel the pain of returning to work after the vacay even if I wouldn’t have a lot on my plate right on day one. After all, I’m glad I will be able to start my English practice in the breaks I get during my work hours.
May 15, 2021 8:52 AM
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Arabic, English, Malayalam
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