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The prepositions "BA", "BARAYE" and "BE" in Farsi (learning through examples): BA : With با BARAYE : For برای BE : to به 1- The first (BA) is used the same way as "With" in English. In other words, most of the sentences that have "With" in English will have "BA" in their Farsi translation. Look at these examples: I went out with my friend Man BA doostam biroon raftam من با دوستم بیرون رفتم I + with my friend + out + went ---------- I had an argument with my father Man BA pedaram (yek/ye) moshajere/ jarro bahs dashtam I + with my father + (an) argument + had من با پدرم (یک) مشاجره/ جر و بحث داشتم ---------- **Pay attention to the order of words in Farsi** Subject + prepositional phrase/ object + verb ---------- 2- The second one, Baraye (for), is again used in a very similar way to "For" in English. Look at these sentences: This car is for you In mashin baraye toost/ to ast این‌ ماشین برای توست/ تو است This car + for you + is ----- It's better for our economy In baraye eghtesade ma behtar ast این برای اقتصاد ما بهتر است This + for our economy + better + is ------------ What did you buy for me? Baraye man chi kharidi? برای‌ من‌ چی‌ خریدی؟ For me+ what + you bought ? --------- As you can see, BARAYE functions like For, same context, same structure, the only difference is the order of words. ---------- 3- BE: this one is a bit tricky, as there are some sentences in English that don't need TO but their Persian equivalents need BE. Let me clarify: I told him Man BE ou goftam من به او گفتم I + to him + said ------- What are you thinking about/of? Be chi fekr mikoni? به چی‌ فکر‌ میکنی ؟ To + what + you are thinking? --------- I called him Man BE ou zang zadam من به او زنگ زدم I + to him + called ---------- Be dalile inke man in ghaza ro doost nadaram ! Dalil: reason Be dalile inke =to the reason that= because Because I don't like this food ! به دلیل اینکه من این غذا رو دوست ندارم‌! ----------
May 17, 2021 7:14 AM
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