Samuel Tuo
Today I read a story named Newspaper Chase. The story tells a man, Harry is a thief, stolen a famous painting from local gallery at night. When he got the painting back to the window, he hit a blue vase and the vase broken into pieces on the floor. He walked throng the pieces and some pieces under his shoes, but he didn’t know at that time. Then he went back to his room that he rent from a family house, and put this painting in an old newspaper in a box under his bed. After finished, he went out looking for a buyer. Jane was the child of the house owner and she was looking for old newspapers and given these to the newspaper recycling truck. She found the old newspaper in Harry’s room and collect them all. When the truck coming, she put all the old newspapers into the truck. As she was doing these, Harry was back to room. He realize his painting was gone. He run to the truck and look for the newspaper which hide the painting. At same time, Jane see a piece of blue vase under his shoes. She called the police and the police catch Harry.
Oct 8, 2020 2:56 AM
Samuel Tuo
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