Sudip Pradhan
Hi everyone! I am from Nepal. I am new to this application and i want to improve my english. I am grade 12 student and i am poor in english as my native language is Nepali. Although, i want to explain in brief about my country Nepal. Nepal is a landlock country in between India and China. Its naturally very beautiful although its size is very small compared to the neighbouring countries India and China. We have the highest peak of the world (Mt. Everest), lord of lord buddha, and so on. As we all know that, covid-19 has brought a lot problem in people around the world which my country is facing badly. The economic status of Nepal is so poor that our government is not able to go for infrastructure development and economic development. The life of the poor citizens are struggling a lot to hand to their mouth. Basically, labours, houseworker, part time teachers, etc are facing a lot of problems. (Hope you guys can suggest me to point out the mistakes and proper word selection)
Dec 7, 2020 4:28 PM
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Hello, I'm from China., My mother tongue is Chinese, so my English is not very good, Can we make progress together? It's like Mount Everest that we share😄
December 8, 2020