Food waste in China Food waste in China is becoming one of the biggest problems in recent years. In my view, the improvement of Chinese people's life, changes to attitude about consumption and the impact of traditional culture are three main reasons. To begin with, the improvement of Chinese standards of living is an immediate reason. With the rise of China's economy, people's lives have effectively improved. The average salary is higher, so it's easier for people to buy what they want. With the development of science and technology, we have more choices of food as well. Second, the change in Chinese people's attitude towards consumption is also an important reason. Industrialization and the rise of service industry promote catering services, and then increase people's needs for food. In addition, modern advertisements greatly impact and shape people's consumption, promoting the idea that people who love themselves should spend a lot of money on themselves. Third, the impact of Chinese traditional culture is also a key reason. Chinese traditional sayings like "Nian Nian You Yu" encourage people to order more food than they can eat, and the wasted food symbolizes a plentiful life in the next year. Traditional concepts of hospitality also cause food waste--in some Chinese mindsets, leaving some food on the plates can show politeness and generosity to guests. As I mentioned before, the improvement of Chinese life, changes of Chinese people's attitude towards consumption and the impact of traditional culture are the main reasons of the food waste in China. Nowadays, food waste is becoming a global problem and it may become worse as time goes on. These reasons are not only suitable for China, but also for other countries and regions which are in the same situation with China. By analyzing the reasons of food waste in China may be helpful for reducing food waste, and the most important thing is that we stand together to handle with this problem starting with small.
Oct 17, 2020 11:02 PM
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