June 11th Friday Temperature, HOT. Life is not forever, cherish it now. Due to some special situations, I couldn't wash my face or apply make up today. I found I saved a lot of time without doing this. [呲牙] I assumed if girls can keep young and beautiful without Skin care,that would be a fantastic thing. I have sticked to soak my feet for 4 days now and I put my feet in the footbath for 1 hour every day. Every time I sweat a lot but I enjoyed it. I guess maybe it helps speed up metabolism, and maybe that is why I lost my weight so quickly. My feet used to feel very cold. but now, I can feel my feet feeling warm again. I also put some herbs in it to regulate menstruation. Hope it could take some pain next time. Additionally, this gives me more time to meditate or read while enjoying the soothing warmth of the hot water 💦. It clears my head from today’s cares while relaxing me. In the evening. I went out to eat barbecue with 2 of my friends. Before that, I thought I’d plan to look through my textbook, but I found they were missing. Maybe someone didn't return them to me on time after they used. What am I doing now? Just finished my 50 -minute jogging. Sitting there and soaking my feet. Enjoying life’s little pleasures.
Jun 13, 2021 2:47 AM
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