I have a question about “make light of something “ Could I use that expression like this below? I’ve thought about the mistakes made at work and felt stressed. My friend gave me a piece of advice that it makes light of thinking so you could feel better Does sounds natural when I use this expression?
Nov 5, 2021 1:31 PM
Answers · 7
Hi! I wanted to add that if you wrote "My friend gave me the advice to try to make light of it so I could feel better" it would mean that the friend was telling you that if you relax, try to gain some perspective, and look at your situation with humor, you might be less stressed. However, it still has a slightly negative connotation, so be careful!
November 5, 2021
No, that's not quite right. "Making light of something" sounds a little negative, so a good friend won't make light of your feelings because that means that your friend does not take your feelings seriously. Here's an example: "I told my parents that I was stressed out at work because my boss is mean, and I have to work overtime a lot. But my parents made light of my situation and said that they worked harder than I do when they were young."
November 5, 2021
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