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Richard Melvin Ong
How do you learn a language?

Just a quick question for all language learners.

Aside from doing classes, either via italki or going to a classroom personally, what are the other types of learning tools you use?

I use the following:

1. Workbooks (for grammar and vocabulary)

2. Music

And, how do you improve your listening skills? Because music can help but it's different compared to the spoken language.

Jul 12, 2016 4:16 PM
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I use DuoLingo, which helps with vocabulary (and you can click a word to hear it over and over). I watch YouTube videos. I am a beginner, so I watch children's television shows in Spanish. I find that children are the easiest to understand. There are also many pronunciation videos for free on YouTube.

I also listen intently to conversations in Spanish at my laundromat, grocery store, etc. (there are many Spanish-speakers in my town). I buy children's books in Spanish. What I want to do next is buy the audio version of a book and read along with it so I can see the words that the narrator is pronouncing.

July 14, 2016

Besides ITALKI, I use:

(1) Duolingo

(2) read and translate a lot, books, articles, etc.

(3) read aloud to get familiar with how words are pronounced, and my teacher corrects pronunciation mistakes

(4) schedule vacation to get an opportunity to practice speaking. In May, I visited France and asked my Dad, who works there every year for a few weeks, to let me come and meet his French friends so that I can practice;

(5) go to French-owned restaurants locally and talk with native speakers;

(6) watch French movies with subtitles (and use the pause button a lot at the moment :-))

(7) Listen to songs I like, look up the lyrics, memorize them, and then they come to mind when I learn new expressions.

Two things that helped me most with listening comprehension were taking intensive language package lessons on Italki, and actually speaking French with anyone who would let me practice with them. 

July 14, 2016
Richard Melvin Ong
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