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karla gimenez
hi evereybody ey i don't have a question so i only need to practice my english because i wanna learn and know english .. sure you know that i wanted to tell you.. i also want to write and know if you or them may understand me ..
will you can help me please ?... i pleased your help ... with expression and... i don't know may be all kind of things 

ahhhhh and if i have error please tell me. i hope you have and very beautiful day
Aug 27, 2016 1:48 PM
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To write things here on Italki, you can try to write in your Notebook section on here. And then I assume you can be able to find speakers to practice English with, and ask how can you do speaking practice with them, a native English speaker can definitely help you improve. Good luck! :)
August 27, 2016
karla gimenez
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