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Hello friends,

Again I want to share another nice song with lyrics. Singer says that she is unstoppable and invincible. And I wish we all will be unstoppable and invicible during learning languages and all other good things in our life :)

Sia - Unstoppable

Aug 29, 2016 7:11 PM
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Thank you all for your comments. As  Richard said positive thinking is very important. Of course, everyone will think, will feel in own way. Because ages are different :)
August 30, 2016
It's a great song to hear in a party!!! when you are dancing and kissing a girl...
August 30, 2016

There are a myriad of people who would like to learn to become a proficient English speaker, but it is a shame only small minority of English learners can really achieve the goal and  the majority of learners are more than likely to give up their learning because they finally have found that not every determined learner can overcome the language barrier unless they can afford to pay plenty of time, effort, intelligence and have good strategy in the course of learning a language. 

I am not a  party pooper to frustrate members' nerve but I really wish to tell the truth it is ridiculous to encourage everyone to do everything without considering personal time, effort or the cost they might pay in particular you are an adult who is working in the industry. In other words, unstoppable, or invincible are fancy words, in the dictionary only cannot be applied in the real world in all circumstances. Now that you are a sensible adult, you must be mature enough to say what is possible to achieve and what is nothing more a dream in your sleep that had better not be thought again.

Time is the most ferocious enemy to your language learning. 

August 30, 2016

Great song Leyla.... thank you.

Positive thinking usually results in positive results... that's whay the lyrics in this song are so important.

August 29, 2016
I didnt know it and i love it! Very motivating song:)
August 29, 2016
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