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Hello friends.. I have been searching for some one to get to know and have discussions in order to improve my spoken ability. But unfortunately, 95% of my requests end up with no replies, 3% them ends with a simple hi and 1%  them engage with conversation and ask for skype id. once get it, they do not dare to have a live chat and disappear..................

In my cause .. I want to improve my expression ability. i desperately need it because  i will be doing my MBA in AUS next year. for that i should go through IELTS with  at least 7.0. i do believe that i can manage other parts my self.

Please somebody could you help me how should i find a genuine partner for my cause... Is there any trick behind that? why people can't trust each other?

thanks ... 

Sep 12, 2016 2:32 PM
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You're looking for something very specific. And it would make sense to invest in a tutor for something like this.

What I mean by 'specific' is that you're not after general English conversation, but training that'll help you crack the IELTS test.

September 12, 2016
Thanks philip.... it was kind of an eye opener... I think i should think about this in a new way... thanks. thanks a lot...
September 13, 2016

I feel like I have to say that I mean no offence in advance but if you want something you always have to offer something, so 'Hey, I want to improve my *otherperson'snativelanguage and I am looking for some conversation practise", sounds like 'I want your knowledge and won't give you anything'.  Try to find out what you can offer. If you can't offer a language maybe you have some fun stories, know IT or Mathematics or anything. Also you write in this post 'I have been searching...', 'to improve my...', 'I desperately need...' ' help me...'. I am not saying that you are self-centred or selfish but your writing style sounds like it. If you approach people on the internet like that they are likely to be repelled by it because it sounds like 'I will take and not give'. Furthermore, don't take a low request to response ratio personally as you are asking for the language that is most in demand. I get around 30 messages along the lines of 'Hi', 'How are you', 'I want to learn your language' and I really don't have the time to respond to everything. Rarely do I get messages like 'I can help you with *languagethatIamacutallylearning' which I like a lot more but still don't always find the time to respond to. A photo that shows you from the front (face!) would increase results too.

Kind regards and again no offence,

Phil =)

September 12, 2016
saikat..appreciate your valuable ideas.. I'll give it a try.. but the process behind find a tutor is some what boring(Honestly). But i'll give it a try... thanks 
September 12, 2016
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