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10 Hilarious Australian Expressions for anyone planning to go "Down Under"

These expression are used regularly in the Land Down Under, and can be heard in use by many Australians.

1. Spit the dummy - Definition: To be angry or lose your temper.

e.g " Greg spat the dummy when he lost his tennis game"

2. No dramas/ no worries - Definition: don't worry about it, no problem and you're welcome.

e.g "Thanks for lending me your car'!

      "Yeah, no worries"

!!!This is used in so many cases, and very helpful in all situations!!!

3. Mucking around - Definition: wasting time, doing nothing or joking.

e.g "Stop mucking around and do your homework!"

4. To be stoked - definition: To be extremely happy or excited about something.

e.g "Mate, I'm stoked about my job promotion!"

5. Good on ya! - definition : Well done

e.g " Good on ya! Great job"

These will be very helpful for those of you struggling with the Slang and Expressions in the Land Down Under. Enjoy them, and please comment if you would like some support.

I will add the other 5 next week!!


Sep 22, 2016 2:45 PM
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