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Daily Text Challenge - October

Hey everyone!

Since some of you were very productive last month, I do another DTC (daily text challenge) for October! 

The rules are simple. I`d like to write a small text (50-100 words) every day to practice any foreign language you want to! :)

To get some inspiration, I created a list of new headlines:
I also created a list with some ideas how to "shape" your texts. It can be an essay, a dialog or anything else, but if you need some inspiration, check this site:

Feel free to join in and manage write some nice text along with me. :)
Happy writing everyone!

Looking forward to reading your texts! 


Oct 1, 2016 2:30 PM
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Thank you @Katka for this month notebook entry topics:)I really like them:)

Here is my 1st oct notebook entry-----Newspaper article really reveal the day-to-days situations:)---https://www.italki.com/notebook/3367069/entry/732845

Thank you:) 

October 1, 2016
Hi! This is a nice idea, i will start to do it today, thanks!
October 27, 2016

My entry about a very nice little book "nice mr devil"


October 10, 2016

Newest entry about some special lights. :)


October 9, 2016

My entry for today about ants...


October 7, 2016
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