Being Human (Part 1) If you ask any intellectual person " are you human" he will slap on your face or may be you will get some extra ordinary abusive words from him. Why? because when we born, from that moment we get a tag of human. So whatever we do, no one takes out this tag from us. We are killing innocents, bombing people, making world wars. People dying in hunger and some eating in world class restaurants, we are celebrating birthday of our puppy, but our mom and dad is waiting for our love. if these things are humanity, or if these people call themselves human then sorry i am not a human. Google search engine says one of the characteristics of human is , they are different from animals. how they are, because they have brain to think what is good what is bad and they have patience to do the good thing. Mostly animal follows their instinct, so humans are different. But in some cases some of us goes so down that animals feel shame on us. Crime , murder, rape, these are continue things, we destroying countries, destroying lives, we breaking hearts to make our self happy. Where is humanity?  Some of us, wearing great suits and talking so good with people, their outside look is so impressive that anyone would fall in love with them. But secretly some are doing great crimes. No one knows. You know,hurting mom n dad, making your love ones cry, these are also a crime, and if we will not get punishment for these act in this world, but  definitely will get the due on hereafter. humanity doesn't mean only wearing branded clothes and smile and talk. To me, Humanity means to support truth, to love everyone, from mom to the stranger. to spread smile. to help needy from whatever we have. If i am a biggest scientist but not a real human, then it doesn't matter, life is not worth it. but if i am poor guy but i am doing all duties,  this can make my life worth it.  actually i don't know why i am writing this, but i want we be happy , be good, from inside and out, i want we love each other from inside out, i want to see everyone smiling, i know its hardly possible but I want to see myself as a HUMAN. May god guide me
Oct 4, 2016 9:46 AM
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I like to think that we are becoming human. It can be all too easy, however, to regress to our animalistic behaviors as you have pointed out. It's our reason and dialogic tendencies that distinguish us from our animal brethren. Let's use them!
October 4, 2016
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