The Tower of Babel
Many of us know the legend of "the Tower of Babel" from the Byble© : 

- an ambitious king wanted his people to build a tower and challenge God©, who therefore made each workman speak a different language; and the tower could be built no more.

What is the problem? 

Things have to be made "step by step": when we reach the top of a hill, then we can also see a mountain that we could not see before, and realize our next target: we use intelligence and intuition to adapt to the changing world. And so on. 

When we already point "up to the sky" we instead leave no space for an authentic personal evolution: we do not accept things to change, we want Nature to obey us -- we do not want to make any effort. And this will leave us always act like egocentric babies with no respect for others: tyrants. So each part of ourselves will speak "a different language" to us, and we will always go after our "rational madness".
Oct 4, 2016 2:18 PM
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good topic...

but no hope to unsleep someone...

metaphysic is death...

the eternal dream  of the revolutionary..

rebuilt that damn tower...

you can see the result:


I suggest you to read this...

Platone 304 a.c.- Res Publica VIII

here... for example...


October 4, 2016
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