Hi, if you like to learn vietnamese and chinese both in the same time, try to contact with me.

I am a native Taiwanese.  I may help you to learn chinese in 3-stages : han-yui pin-yin, traditional chinese character and simplified one.


as I have been worked in Vietnam for almost 10 years,

I may help you to learn vietnamese language. 

As 70% of vietnamese words originated from ancient chinese,

it's reasonable to learn these 2 languages both in the same time. 

Once you understand Han-yui pin-yin of chinese language and

29-alphabet letters and 6-tones of vietnamese language,

the next step : dictionary online available for you already.

the further step : you start/begin to learn 100-words, 200-words, 500-words, 1,000-words, upto 3,000-words,

the the good results there : you own these 2 languages both.

how about my suggestion ? 

Best regards,

Max Lu

Oct 8, 2016 8:29 AM
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