People! Let's share and learn !!

Someone interested in talking about essay, poetry, philosophy, society, etc. I am looking for people to practice English together while we exchange ideas, thoughts, debate and learn about different cultures. My idea would be to propose themes and dialogue among those who are encouraged about it. Who is interested to tell me here or by message and I am getting in touch with those who want to participate to organize it. I hope the idea is prolific and we can have an interesting and multicultural discussion group !! 

In language I have selected English by default, but we can open a group to also use Spanish and Portuguese. That language is not the problem !!


Mar 14, 2017 11:57 AM
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Hi ! I'm really interested about your concept, but the group is on skype ? If it's on skype, I want to join you :)
March 14, 2017
I'm extremely interested  by poetry, philosophy, society: So it would be nice to talk about them .
March 14, 2017
It will be hard to get anyone to volunteer their time to organise a discussion group, so I think the task would fall on you to propose one. Maybe you can start a "Tips on English Essay Writing". I'm sure I would be interested.
March 14, 2017