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Patriotism in your country

Hello!  Is patriotism supported in your country?  Do you have special education of patriotism ? Do you have economical patriotism in you country  ( I mean campaignes supporting local products ) ?

Mar 17, 2017 5:23 PM
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I run the risk of sounding controversial but this is an honest perspective. 

Patriotism is often seen as a bad thing in England. For the past 20 years or so we seem to have educated people and celebrated so many other nationalities, religious festivals/holidays etc that patriotism towards England has been heavily diluted. This has angered a lot of regular everyday English people, who in turn then try hard to re-introduce patriotism towards England but unfortunately these people often get called racist. This then creates extremism/racism and all English people get tarred with the same brush and get called racist. 

I think more patriotism should be taught in schools. It seems perfectly fine to celebrate a Welsh or Scottish holiday but for some reason English gets ignored or frowned upon. More people are out celebrating St Patricks day today in England than there will be celebrating St Georges day, which is a great shame. 

I think its great to learn about other cultures, religions, traditions etc , but not at the expense of your own. We are heading towards losing our identity. 

March 17, 2017

"Chauvinism binds us and stops us from praising others, but Patriotism liberates us and praises us to give values to others in the same way we give respect to our country

Great comments Sudeep. 

March 18, 2017

I will also express a controversial opinion, with an opposing perspective.

Mauritians tend to be patriotic to a fault. It results in a lot of cringe-worthy flag-waving, cheesy parades and singing the national anthem with exaggerated emotion, and unwarranted pride in one's small accomplishments as well as blindness to one's obvious shortcomings. Don't get me wrong, I think Mauritius has a lot to offer, has potential, and there's no harm in ceremony and celebration, though parades and flags have never been my style.

However, I think patriotism often leads to an unwillingness to admit what's not working well, and a close-minded, even hostile attitude to foreigners, new ideas, and different lifestyles. I remember growing up feeling resentment and facing ignorant attitudes because my mum spoke English and isn't Mauritian. There is a distinct lack of curiosity about other cultures and little to no appreciation for foreign languages. It is my belief that these are evidence of a deep-seated complacency rooted in ill-founded patriotism.  

March 17, 2017
I don't know...

Our Minister of culture has fired and then during the official visit to Kazakhstan has sworn in a very dirty way at the head (now former) of the State Archive.

Because the Minister sponsored a film about certain war-time legend, while the head of the State Archive disclosed documets reminding (everybody knew this anyway) that that was a legend. Ok, I'm exaggerating: he was swearing at "those who touch the holy legend", without calling names.

Everybody was happy because we have an old anectote:
- Алло! Это прачечная?
- Хуячечная! Это министерство культуры.

WOuld it work for 'support of patriotism', or I must search for better examples?

March 17, 2017

Interesting topic!

First, let me answer all of your questions-- Yes, patriotism is widely noticed in my country. I don't think we have any special education of patriotism but in all the schools, after the prayer hour, all the students along with the teachers have to sing the national anthem. And now, if you go to any theatre to watch a movie then before starting the movie, the national anthem is played and all have to stand for about 52 seconds in respect of the national anthem. Yes, sometimes, the economical patriotism come in the news.

I think patriotism is good to go with as it teaches us to respect, to care and to give value to something or someone we really love and make us feel grateful to be a part of that region. But sometimes people get confused and consider "Chauvinism" as "Patriotism" which, I don't think makes us feel great. Chauvinism binds us and stops us from praising others, but Patriotism liberates us and praises us to give values to others in the same way we give respect to our country. 

Loving our respective country is NOT at all a bad thing, but in the process of loving, if we see or say that others are inferior, then that is no way qualify our patriotism.

March 18, 2017
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