Ikumi Nakada
What is the best way to study foreign language?

I am studying English now.

But my English ability cannnot improve.

So when u study other language, what do u study at first?

Tell meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Mar 20, 2017 1:42 PM
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I'm currently practicing my speaking skills by shadowing someone's speech. Normally I would search a short video like this for example


And then I downloaded it into mp3 format. Then I transcribe everything he said so that it's much easier for me to say the words with him. Follow every word that he says, the way he says it and every pause that he takes (but don't follow his tone, because that would be weird since he has a very deep voice). Say the words at speech level. Don't whisper. Don't be shy. I practice for one hour every day for an entire week. You can change your speech every week. Make sure you choose the pace of the speech that match your level. If it's too fast, you'll find yourself struggling even more.

This will improve your pronunciation, and exercise the muscle on your mouth to be more adaptive to the English words. 

I really hope this method can improve your english speaking skills as it has improve mine.

March 20, 2017

P.S: DuolingoとMemriseを使用しないでください。
March 20, 2017

Hi Ikumi Nakada !

''If you want to learn English ,you should hear plenty of English .Because if you listen a lot ,you're gonna learn vocabulary ,you will learn grammar and you will understand better'' :) 

You can also listen to your favorite shows or movies or song in English .

Hope this helps ^^ 

Sandra Nguyen 

I'm from Vietnam 

March 20, 2017