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Moving to Brazil

Hey guys!

I'd completely understand if this topic is not supposed to be here, admins are free to delete if that's against the policy. 

I am very desperate to move to Brazil since I absolutely love the culture and Portuguese language, there is something about Brazil on metaphysical level that attracts me. Don't think I am day dreaming and have no idea what I am talking about,I know there are plenty disadvantages in living in Brazil, obviously. I currently live in Buenos Aires, came here a year ago to work, company set up my immigration, I didn't have to worry about that. I have an opportunity to work from home now and can stay in Brazil for up to 90 days with a Russian passport. I am fluent in both Russian and English, know some spanish and currently learning Portuguese, would be awesome to settle in Brazil officially through a job offer from a company that would assist with my immigration, otherwise I'd still come and stay for 90 days.

So if you have any advice, or know someone who could offer a job I'd very thankful, I am currently working as a Game master for computer games developer Company (specifically online games).

Thanks in advance!

Feb 15, 2018 4:57 AM
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Hello, how are you? If you're going to live here, you must think about the city you'll live very carefully cause it's very complicated to find a safe place. My advice for you is: don't choose main cities/neighborhoods, specifically at Rio de Janeiro. I would choose those cities not too far from the capital and not too close. Those drug dealers and armed robbers just fucked up 90% of the country. I'm not trying to make you scared but I think you should know about it. Anyway, we have a lot of good places too and the food is amazing, you'll love it. Sorry about my English haha. Have a nice day.

February 17, 2018
Hey, Ivan! Nice to hear that you want to come and are passionate about Brazilian culture.
I hosted russians in Couchsurfing at my home in Rio and I can understand you. I think russians and brazilians are similar in many ways.
About your Desire to work here in Brazil I think you should try to come to São Paulo. It is a city that are friendly to foreigners and there are also job positions to foreigners. 
LinkedIn works well here to look for a job interview.
Also If you have a good job in São Paulo you can travel trough Brazil.
This is my advice for now. But If you have others questions or want contacts with others foreigners who are living in São Paulo let me know.
Also If you want to exchange languages.
Um abraço e boa sorte!  [emoji]
February 23, 2018

Hi Ivan!

There are some free websites where you can apply for a job.

There are some facebook groups where you can see some jobs opportunities.

Before arriving here you need to plan where you are going to live and how much it costs, because is not cheap to live here. 

If you want to have an idea about rent a house, you can see it : and

Idea about food (supermarket) (Extra Supermarket)

I agree with Matheus that São Paulo is a good place to try to live and I talk to you avoid Rio de Janeiro. 

February 19, 2018
Most of Brazilians here in this app will tell you bad things about safety. In general, outskirts/peripheral regions are not safe, but you will probably live in the central areas of the city you will choose to move in. 
I personally think Sao Paulo is the best place for foreigners like you. You'll not only get to know locals who are willing to help you (and most of them have good speaking skills in English) but you will probably meet other Russians who have been living there for a while. 
Unfortunately I know nothing about companies that help foreigners to settle in... But Brazilians in general are very friendly to people from other countries. 
February 19, 2018
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