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Real Story From My Life. Once we traveled abroad. After lunch in a cafe I needed a toothpick, but the trick is that I didn't know how to say it in English. Well, I solved this problem asked waiter: "Please, bring me a stick for my teeth:)  Fortunately, the waiter was a smart guy. He barely managed not to laugh but gave me what I wanted. I leaved a cafe with all my teeth.
Have you ever had any funny episodes related to foreighn languages?
Feb 24, 2018 2:11 PM
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When my italki friend watched the video of my cooking, he said, " Liquid from mouth" .We laughed and googled it. We got the words, "mouth watering" and "drooling". 
February 24, 2018
If i were you. I would made gestures to express and explain what I want :D 

I was working before as a customer service representative for a company and I should have told the client the VIP team are off today, but the fact I told him today is holiday :D it spread like a wildfire therefore I have become confused when it comes to handle a foreign customer :D
February 24, 2018

My case with an italki friend, who is similar to a Chizuko's snooker friend.

I just added him, we greeted each other, and at the moment he asked "what's in store for this day?". Our conversation intermitted, because I didn't realize which store he talking about. I frantically googled the phrase, but nothing fitted. When the pause has lasted for some minutes, I just listed my plans for that day. It seemed to go smooth, but I still don't know what does "in store" mean.

February 27, 2018

I talked with my italki friend. We can't exchange our own languages. Only English is our communication tool. We were talking about sports. 

He: I like to play snooker.

Me: sneakers? running shoes?

He: No, no. playing with balls on the table.

Me: oh, table tennis? I just watched it on TV. World Champion games were held today in London. 

He: No, no. Isn't it in Wimbledon?  World tennis games. 

Me: No, no. It's not tennis. Table tennis...I mean, "ping pong" 

He: oh, I see.

Me: well, Is snooker ping pong?

He: No, no.snooker is not ping pong. I play with fifteen balls.

Me: Isn't it billiard?

He: Yes, yes, billiard.

How many times did we say, "no".....

Why didn't he say, "billiard" at first?  We laughed a lot anyway. It was fun! We are good friends.

February 26, 2018
Once I wanted to tell my classmates, that I need to drink boiled water (кипяток) from my bottle, but I didn't knew the word for that, so I told, that I need to drink "a water from teapot" :D Unfortunately, my classmates were not so smart, so they laughed at me! And they poured me tap water. (И налили мне воду из-под крана.)
February 24, 2018
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