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Do you use foreign languages at work? When you apply for a job you have to write the CV or fill the form in which you must write what foreign languages you know. This question became inevitable nowadays. Even applying for a job which has nothing to do with  communication in a foreign language, you need to have at least basic knowledge of English and people declaring the knowledge of 2 or more are preferred.
But do you really need to know any foreign language for your work?
You may probably classify your use of foreign languages to one of these groups:
1. Your profession is strictly connected to the use of a foreign language (you are non-native language teacher or interpreter).
2. Your profession is different, but you have to use the language everyday (to be in contact with international business partners or to read a lot of technical documentation).
3. Normally you don't need any foreign language at work, but it happens on rare occasions.
4. You never use any foreign language at work but you use it for leisure, travel, social media,...
5. You have no contact with some of the languages you've learnt.
I'm probably somewhere between 3rd and 4th category. And you?
Mar 5, 2018 1:29 PM
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As I don't live in my native country, my current situation doesn't count.

However, I used to be a 3-4 for most of my profissional life.

Interestingly enough, where I am from, adding languages to your CV makes it more interesting and, if you do speak more languages, it should be highlighted.

In my last position in my country, I only had to speak my native language, but the fact I mentioned other languages in my interview caused an amazing impression and even though I wouldn't say I was hired solely for that, it was clearly part of it. I think it's cultural.

March 7, 2018
Thanks Anees and Spangola.
Both of you mentioned an important group of people who are supposed to use the foreign language because they moved to another country. UAE, USA, UK, West European countries and many more has become the 'promise land' for people from around the world. They need to communicate with their employers, colleagues, neighbours. Sometimes they live in closed communities and don't want to learn.
I'm really surprised when I hear about people going to live and work abroad without the basic knowledge of the language. But it happens - I have seen many TV programmes about Polish people who went to the UK and other countries and finished begging on the street. There are even specialised criminal groups which recruit people without the knowledge of the languages. They take money from them, transport them to the foreign country end leave them in a hotel alone or sometimes close them in the illegal work camps.
March 7, 2018
yep,I'm a student in China ,Chinese is my language ,but i always talking with my friends in English ,because i think it's can make my English better and it's funny !
March 7, 2018


i`m number 2.

i`m a waitress at the cafe in central Tokyo. the foreigner who can`t speak Japanese come every day, so I always take an order in English.

we can communicate each other in English but Japanese.  speaking english is very important theseday.

March 7, 2018
I belong to the fourth group. However, I do have to deal with immigrants that don't speak a word of English, yet still expect smooth service. They get frustrated when I don't understand them, and I get frustrated because they've probably been here for years and still haven't bothered their backsides to learn even basic English. So annoying.
March 7, 2018
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