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Is it really hard? I didn't know that it would be so hard to find language exchange partners. It's been more than 2 months and almost all the people who I met here are not really into learning a new language. Due to I'm studying and working, I need to follow a schedule for my Skype meetings but almost all the people that I met so far, begin being so interested to have a schedule but after one or two weeks they just do whatever is more suitable for them. I can understand that sometimes people needs to skip a meeting due to extraordinary circumstances but I don't understand when those circumstances occur that often...

Anyway. My last try... I'm looking for a serious language exchange partner who speaks ENGLISH AS FIRST LANGUAGE and want to learn Spanish. In return, I offer all my knowledge about my own language and plus my all knowledge about grammatical rules when making sentences.

The person who I'm looking for should be studying Spanish and be very into language exchange so we can have regular meetings of at least once a week by Skype or occasional calls or chats through WhatsApp.

Also that person should be looking for a schedule to be set and thus we can meet always at the same time. Of corse It might occur that one week we will not be able to meet our schedule, however, this most be on special occasions as I will not be taking more language exchange partner to respect our schedule.

Thank you very much and please if you are also looking for something like this, do not hesitate to send me a private message! :) :)

16. März 2018 17:26
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Hello Andres. I understand you and it is for this reason that I’m not looking for privates languages exchanges and I take lessons with teachers. There are so many people who confound love meetings because they feel lonely and reals exchange with someone to improve a language. 
16. März 2018
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