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Is it important to be accurate with your sayings?
I was just watching news, and heard next..
A religious figure had a talk to people. He was talking about democracy and has said how bad it is. After he said: "Even Churchill said, that democracy is the worst form of government " And people were agreed with him.

Interesting, now the original version of that phrase. Winston Churchill said: "It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried"

Absolutely different, isn't? 
It seems, that sometimes it is very convenient to use this trick. 

What do you think about that? How do you feel, when an journalists or other people make mistakes like that? 

21. März 2018 20:37
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"How do you feel, when an journalists or other people make mistakes like that?" Sarah, it's not a mistake when people do this. It's a devious rhetorical trick used to fool the uninformed and easily swayed.
21. März 2018
one remark: "religious figure'.

Religious fiures have milleniums old literary and oral tradition of using quotations in disputes. It has been done for fun, to embellish speech, to actually justify a point (or an action, bad or good)... For any reason. My point si that the tradition is rich and interesting.
There is also a cultrure of sermons. So what I think, it is interesting how this mistreatment of Churchill looks like from within the tradition.
21. März 2018
I understand Jerry, when I or learners like me make mistakes. Even though. ..

But when I hear something like that, I feel...what if I didn't knew the original version. And what I don't know. .because it seems that they are used to things like that...
21. März 2018
Journalists can do anything. Misquoting Churchill they would make 3 unintentional mistakes within one intentional 'devious trick'.

21. März 2018
Now I am reading a laws of journalism and laughing at every word. Objectivity...freedom of thought and human rights :)))
Not bad idea to learn an ancient hebrew and greek, just in case some difficulties with translation of some interesting books ....^^
21. März 2018
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