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I'm Asking the Community to Help I have concieved to write an article on Italki which would be devoted to psychological aspects of speaking. How to calm down and concentrate on your real goal before starting to speak? How to get rid of fears of making mistakes, etc. Now I don't have enough materials for that, but I think I will gather them. I also believe that such an article would be helpful for many people here, on Italki, who regularly practice their target languages by Skype or somehow else. So, if you have any thoughts, experience or materials that you consider worthwhile, please, send me the link or simply drop a line. I will be grateful for your help.
23. Apr 2018 10:22
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Thanks Rinat!
23. April 2018

Speaking from personal experience,these are my 50 cents on how to minimize fear and anxiety when speaking publicly : Just try to concentrate on WHAT are you speaking about,not HOW you're doing it.Of course,to do that you need to be well prepared and it also helps a lot if you think before a talk about why is it's object important and must be intresting for your listeners.

Ultimately,when speaking publicly,you're conveying an imformation,not yourself.I think you should only worry about whether your persona distracts listeners from your talk or not.

Can't say I don't fear public speaking at all,but these things certainly help me when it comes to it.

23. April 2018
We made an interesting observation with my partner from Canada. If you switch from the one language to the other during a conversation, it becomes easier to speak the target language. I don't think that this technique is universal, I 'd rather say that one should use it combined with  a long-termed, simple conversaional practice. However, there are a few advantages. First, it eases speaking psychologically, because you just know  that you can change language at any moment not because of stupor but because of the agreement. Second, you train your brain to switch from one language to the other which is, I believe, an important skill for those who try to teach others.
So I think we made a good finding for our further development.
16. Mai 2018
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