What do you think of the „No English Rule“ This could apply to any language I suppose, but I was listening to the usual people you find all over YouTube last night claiming to speak 20 languages, 10 fluently, something I believe no one on the planet does, and giving eveyone tips of how they did it. Needless to say, they said absolutely nothing and proved nothing (they repeated 5 short phrases in 5 different languages and the end of their talks, something anyone could do. I suppose some people call „fluency“ being able to order off a menu in Rome in Italian. Ah. That’s not fluency. But, two guys said one thing useful. They called it the „No English policy“. I thought that was good. Jettison English (unless you’re learning it) and only speak the target language. I was persuaded by that that it would  help. Good advise. Just don’t use your native language. Only use your target language.
Apr 29, 2018 7:39 PM