Meow Lim
Hi everyone, may I know the difference between 고생하다 and 힘들다?
May 17, 2018 2:47 AM
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전 3주 동안 야근 했는데 오늘 또 야근해야 해요. 왜 저희 회사 생활은 이렇게 힘들죠?

It's quite difficult question even to native Korean,

we more often use 힘들다 than 고생하다

고생하다 contains much more physically hard work and suffering

also used with sickness or symptoms of body.

example) 1. 어제 감기로 고생하다 겨우 살았어요.

                  2. 비염으로 고생하다 이 약으로 효과 봤어요. 

힘들다 is used for both physically and mentally 

example ) 1. 공무원 시험 합격하기 너무 힘들다.

                   2. 회사 생활 너무 힘들다.

                   3. 그런 사람과 사귀기는 힘들지

hope that it helps u.

May 17, 2018

Hi. Lim!

Ppl can understand what you're trying to say,  if u replace to 힘들다 on 1st 2examples.

But it's awkward and weird.  You'd better use 고생하다 on 1st example : )  

Feel free to ask more if you're not clear!  : )

May 18, 2018
Dear Mr Lee
Thanks for clarification. Now I can understand why 힘들다 is more commonly used. When physically hard time normally come with mentally suffered. 
In this case, is it correct to say that I also can use 힘들다 to replace 고생하다 in the 1st 2 examples?
May 17, 2018
Is it correct if I write: 전 3주동안 야근했는데 오늘 또 야근래야 해요. 왜 저의 회사 생활은 이렇게 고생해요?
May 17, 2018