Amira curie
25 years on the earth
03/06/2018, today it's my birthday ,i became have 25 years old ,aaaaaah...!!!
last year when i had 24 years i cried too much i don't know why i cried, i felt with strange feelings maybe becouse i realized that i grown up quickly and i didn't enjoy with my life 
but this year, i didn't cry , i'm just confusing and afraid , becouse this year is different of any year , new things happened to me 
first i finished my study and i don't know if i will continue in this career or thinking of shift career , 
the second is marriage idea ..!!! i compeletly refuse this idea , but my family talk with me about this , why i will think in marriage and my life happy and smiple  without it , so i don't know how i can make them forget this idea , they 're telling me that my life will completed  with marriage and it will be happy , there 're person sharing your life with you ..!! sorry i'm not agree with this , i don't wanna carry  other personresponsibility , if i wanna do any thing  or go any place i can there 're no person tell me no , i don't have man make my life sad or make me cry , i don't have man cheating me
so you wanna from me left my life simple life and thinking of marriage how this is ..!!
my family telling me that it's your choice we not force you but you must know that you will regert later when you became old and found yourself lonely ..!!
i will stop talk about this now , before i forget , " happy  birthday to me and i wish to me happiness and alot of kisss to me" hahaha 

Did you cried and felt confusing when you reached to specific old ?
Jun 2, 2018 10:56 PM
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Enjoy your birthday! 
June 3, 2018
It is called "positive thinking", but positive thinking is not just "feeling more inspired". What you do want may both be others' idea, or it may be unique and new. Both active or passive. Negative thinking is more passive: they tell you "Amira, you should marry" and you think of why you don't want, and all the time you keep analyzing others' ideas and notions.

It is productive and fun, analyzing others' idea . You can find many mistakes in others' thinking and feel how you are the smartest person around. But after you have thought about marriage some 70 times, you can just give yourself some rest and think about yourself. May be even run to some place where you feel comfortable and relaxed and aren't distracted by duties and pressure.
June 3, 2018

One note.
"Marriage", "university" and "career" are a very famous triad:) THE Rails. I don't, know, there must be a book about it: its British edition would be "school, university, career: a person". Its Egyptian edition would be reworked: "school, univerity, marriage". The first person I ever met on Italki, a Russian-French bilingual girl, she had just graduated from school then and wanted to deviate from this path. She became a stewardess and didn't go to unievrsity at all - just in order deviate and try something:)
You derailed at "marriage" station.  Well, you aren't a train now, you are a whale or a bird.

"Marriage" is not "your" idea. It is an idea of your society. And "university" is where you were told what to do and how to do. Even if you loved that. To continue the same way, in your country the next stage is "marriage" (a career too). In another country it may be  "career" (and marriage too).

But you can just forget about marriage, don't think about it at all! And try to find what you really want instead. If you know this and this thing is not right here, under your nose ringing your door bell (very often it is, but you don't always notice) - then how to achieve this. May be it can be applied to career too, if your both choices are not your true wishes. But the point is: you are not obliged to even think of marriage. Even negatively.

June 3, 2018
 NealC : i will not wait on NOV to say u Happy birthday for this i will say to happy birthday to u  i wish to u the happiness ;)
June 2, 2018
Happy birtday 
June 2, 2018
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